The Bullet


“Bacon can’t cure everything. That’s one of the lesser discoveries Caroline Cashion, a 37-year-old Georgetown University French literature professor, makes in this heady thriller from former NPR correspondent Kelly, her second novel after 2014’s Anonymous Sources. A life-changing revelation on her MRI—there’s a bullet she has no clue about lodged in her neck—launches the likable and normally unflappable academic, whom Jane Austen would have found a kindred spirit despite her Salma Hayek looks, into a distinctly uncharacteristic flurry of activity. She’s whisked back three decades to her childhood in Atlanta and a shocking, never-solved double homicide. En route, she finds romance with a sexy, country music–loving doctor, Will Zartman, who is so definitely not her type. Kelly pulls off the difficult feat of plotting an action-packed page-turner that remains within the bounds of believability.”
–Publishers Weekly (starred review)

The Bullet makes a direct hit. Written with style and intelligence, the clever plot gains velocity until the final page.”
–Valerie Plame, former CIA covert ops officer and author of BURNED

“Nonstop pacing, a touch of romance,and a heroine who’s full of surprises combine to create great thriller escapism for the Harlan Coben set.”

“A riveting, twisty tale of a woman whose search for her own identity leads her to seek vengeance against the killer who stole it from her.”
–Hallie Ephron, author of NIGHT NIGHT, SLEEP TIGHT

“With an extremely likable narrator and twists and turns galore, The Bullet is at once a thriller, a medical mystery, and a study of how well we really know the people we love.”
–Alice LaPlante, author of TURN OF MIND

“I’d kind of like a time machine so that I could have the wonderful premise of this book for my own!”
–Jamie Mason, author of THREE GRAVES FULL and MONDAY’S LIE