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  1. Durand Daniel says:

    Love your style!

  2. Mike Dundas says:

    I’m a seventy-year-old man who discovered some years ago how stimulating a woman’s viewpoint can be. I discovered Diana Gabaldon before her third book was published. I have spent many years, and many attempts since then trying to find an author who could really light me up. Caroline Smith is the one. For the first time in years, I read a book almost non-stop this weekend. It’s now in my wife’s chair, waiting her perusal. WELL DONE!

  3. Robert J. Conlan says:


    A few months ago I heard you chatting with Scott Simon on a Saturday. He thoughtfully mentioned that you wrote some books about national security. I decided to read one.

    Well, now I’ve read both and they were very good. I hope you write at least one more. Actually, I hope you develop a character and write a lot more.

    It was interesting to me to read about female awareness of the male gaze. It”s not always lust, frequently it’s just appreciation of beauty. But, I especially enjoyed your descriptions of female sexual desire. This is almost a total mystery to all male people.

    I read that your writing placed a burden on your family and friends. Be grateful, I bet they loved it. .

    I gave you a four star rating on Goodreads. I’m looking forward to what you do next. Aloha

    • Robert,

      Thanks for writing. I am in fact busy writing the next book — an espionage thriller set in London, New York and Moscow (so far — we’ll see where the coming chapters lead to!) Fair point about lust vs. appreciation of beauty.Will keep that in mind as I write this next novel, which features chapters written from both the male and female points of view…

      Best regards,
      Mary Louise

  4. Ellen Barfield says:

    Just finished THE BULLET. Great.
    With my somber, whiskery anesthesiologist husband having just died I was more focused than I might have otherwise been on that short vignette as Caroline went into surgery. As it happens it
    was my husband’s research over 50 years ago which GOT anesthesiologists to “introduce(d) himself,
    explain(ed) his plans to make me comfortable.” Before he showed with clear statistics that a pre-op
    visit from the anesthesiologist made a BIG difference in comfort and recovery, even he had not thought so.
    Thanks for this small reminder of one of many reasons I am so proud of him.

    • Ellen,

      I am so sorry to read of the loss of your husband. I love the story you share of him. It sounds as if you do have reason to be very proud of him indeed. As a writer, it touches my heart to think that I somehow touched yours.

      With warm regards, and deep condolences,
      Mary Louise

  5. Jenn says:

    Reading bullet right now. I’m hooked. Do you have an email list? I’d love to be kept up to date with your books.

    • Jenn,

      Thank you! Appreciate this note.

      I don’t send out a regular email — so busy with my day job as an NPR reporter that I try to marshal whatever time remains for writing the next novel. (At work now on nummber three…) But I’m on Twitter if you want to follow along: @NPRKelly

      And I’ll update this website as I get closer to completing the next book.

      Mary Louise

  6. Kristin L. says:

    I loved both of your books. I look forward to another stand alone novel with an engaging female protagonist, or for a follow-up with either Alexandra or Caroline.

    • Kristin,

      So glad to hear! I am work on my third novel… Will indeed feature another strong and (hopefully!) engaging female protagonist. This one has a Russia twist. No plans for Alexandra or Caroline to make a cameo appearance… but you never know!

      Mary Louise

  7. Andrew E. Gross says:

    I read your review of “Rogue Heroes”, by Ben Macintyre, that appeared in the 10/16/2016 edition of The Washington Post. Since your review made no mention of it, I was wondering if you were aware of, or possibly had even read, the book entitled “The Phantom Major: The story of David Stirling and the S.A.S Regiment”. It was written and published in 1958 by Virginia Cowles, a British (female) war correspondent, including in North Africa!. While the book is, likely, long out of (hard copy) print , as a teenage I owned and read a paperback version, in later life tracking down and obtaining a hard copy version including dust jacket. I wonder if Mr. Macintyre made any reference to Ms. Cowles book in his new publication. In any case, I thought that you might find this comment of some interest as you follow your own path as a reporter, correspondent and author. Respectfully. -AEG

    • Thanks for this note. I was not aware of The Phantom Major. Sounds intriguing, as does Virginia Cowles’s own story as a reporter in North Africa during WWII! It’s possible that Macintyre references it; I’ll confess that the version I’m reading from is an advance proof/galley, and footnotes aren’t included. His book springs from access to an SAS archive that had not been previously open to journalists and scholars. I recommend it highly, especially given your interest in this period.

      Best regards,
      Mary Louise

  8. Ruth Ann Ayres says:

    I just finished “The Bullet” and LOVED it. I don’t usually read straight mysteries as I am more tuned in to romantic suspense, but I couldn’t put it down. I have now ordered Anyonymous Sources and can’t wait to read it. I think you have found yourself a new fan. Can’t wait for the next book!

    • Dear Ruth Ann,

      Hooray! Then you will be glad to hear that the reason I just sat down at my computer, and found your note, is that I’ve started work on the next novel. I am having great fun dreaming up the characters…which I HOPE will translate into making them great fun to read!

      Best regards,
      Mary Louise

  9. Charles Houser says:

    Hi Mary

    I just want to say “thank you” for penning “The Bullet”. From the first sentence of the first chapter to the last period. Its wonderful to be drawn in to the story from the outset, transported into her life and then walking along as the story unfolds.

    Charles Houser

    • Charles,

      So kind of you to take the time to write — thank you!

      That is exactly how I wanted it to feel from the reader’s point of view; that you were walking right along with Caroline as hwe story unfolds. You’ve made my day to let me know that, at least in your case, it worked!

      Best regards,
      Mary Louise

  10. Roanne says:

    I loved this book. It was like a drug. I was stealing minutes before work, before dinner, before bed time, any free moment, I wanted to read this book. It joyfully held me captive.
    Thank you for a great mystery.
    All the best,

    • Writing you back with a big smile on my face–thank you! “It was like a drug…” What a wonderful thing to say to an author! Really appreciate your letting me know. Notes like this mean more than you may know.

      Mary Louise

  11. Kathy says:

    Waiting for the movie.

  12. Kaye says:

    I came across your book The Bullet in our new library. The title caught my eye and so glad it did. I have not been so engrossed in a book like yours for a long time. Please continue to write your magic. Thank you !

    • So great to hear this. Thank you. Such a pleasure to hear that I kept you riveted. I’m working on writing a third novel; meanwhile, go tell everyone you know to read The Bullet!

      Mary Louise

  13. Donna Gannon says:

    I have never written an author before, and I read 2 -3 books per week, but I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your book The Bullet. I will keep your name as one to keep an eye on . I will read your other book also. Thank you and your family and friends for sharing a part of you.

  14. Mitsi Wagner says:

    I have question about your name. I remember that years ago, you used the name Mary Louise Clark Kelly on NPR stories. Why did you drop the “Clark”? I have guessed that NPR asked you to, in order to have you use a shorter name. Is that correct, or was there another reason?

    I had also assumed that “Clark” was your last name before marriage, and that you chose to use it as a way of saying “This is ALL of who I am.” I liked that! It seemed to indicate your statement of independence as a woman. ( I am a person who has been married for 45 years and who has kept her “childhood” last name).

    Thank you for your response.

    • Different person! You are thinking of my talented NPR colleague, Carol Anne Clark Kelly. We’ve had people confuse us a few times, between sharing a last name and both having double-barreled first names.

      I’ve been married 19 years and never took my husband’s last name, although our children are Boyles. Always interesting to hear how women choose to handle the name-change question.

      Best regards,
      Mary Louise

  15. Cate Evanik says:

    I was very disappointed by your stereotypical description of the librarian— not every librarian wears glasses around HER? neck and “prairie skirts”. Your vision of the professionals is this position is small minded and prejudiced.

    • Cate,
      Thanks for writing. Point taken. My intent was to nod to that stereotype of a librarian, but then allow you to meet the Jessica character, who clearly doesn’t fit it and blows that dated stereotype out of the water. Perhaps I could have done that more elegantly. My intent was certainly NOT to insult librarians, who have helped me and made my work better more times than I can count, from my middle school history project days, to just last week, when I was trying to track down an elusive document on Russia.
      Sincere thanks for reading, and for writing, and I hope that you enjoyed the rest of the book.
      Mary Louise

  16. Linda Kozlowsky says:

    I just finished ANONYMOUS SOURCES and am so excited to discover that you have written another book for me to read. I also could not put the book down – the story just drew me in. Thank you for your books and Alexandra James. I hope my local library has THE BULLET.

    • Delighted to hear that you enjoyed ANONYMOUS SOURCES. Write and let me know what you think of THE BULLET. You will be happy to learn that–while it is not a sequel–Alex James does make a cameo appearance…

      Mary Louise

  17. Jack Marker says:

    Just finished The Bullet. Wondering if, and when, there will be a sequel.

    • Jack,

      Thanks for the question. I hope the fact that you’re asking means that you enjoyed The Bullet. So, the bad news: I’m not currently planning a sequel. The good news: I am writing, and sketching out my third novel. Will update here when I’m ready to share more!

      Mary Louise

  18. Anne Clare says:

    Hello Mary Louise!
    I love, love, LOVE your books! And I especially LOVE that you put them out in LARGE PRINT!! I will be waiting with baited breath for your next one. . .

    • Hey there–
      So glad you’re enjoying the large print editions! Thank you for writing to let me know. Starting to noodle on the next book. I’ll post updates here as I make progress…
      Mary Louise

  19. Werner Christof says:

    Hello Mary Louise,
    I am from Salzburg, Austria and was not familiar with your name. I bought “the bullet” for my ski-vacation last week and must tell you: I have finished the story in 3 days. Great characters and a plot I could not stop reading. Thank you for that, hope, I can read a new book from you soon.
    Best regards from Austria


    • What a lovely email to receive — thank you! I was born in Augsburg and learned to ski in the mountains near Salzburg, so it’s great fun to imagine you enjoying my book on your ski vacation. I am starting to work on the next one. Meanwhile, have you read my first one? ANONYMOUS SOURCES has different characters and is partly set in London and Cambridge, England.

      Thank you for writing.

      All best wishes,
      Mary Louise

  20. Sammi Broussard says:

    I loved both books so much. I was really sad to see that The Bullet came out in 2015. I was hoping that another book would be out soon. Mary Louise Kelly- you have definitely made my list of go-to authors when searching for a good book. I might add that I would love to see Alex James in another book (with more than a cameo appearance). I want to know the rest of the story. Thank you for providing me with great entertainment.

    • Sammi,

      Thanks so much! Appreciate both your reading, and taking the time to write. I’m sketching out plans for the next book. And I also would love to see Alex James live to ride another day — she is such an enormously fun character to write! Watch this space…

      Mary Louise

  21. Julie Strasser says:

    I bought your book on a whim. I read it in 3 days, then I bought the next one. I can’t put them down. I just looked on your website to find out what others you have written. There were only two. Please keep writing! I simply cannot wait for your next.

    • Julie,

      That is hands down the best note I’ve received all week. Thank you. I truly appreciate it. And you sound just like my agent, who took me to dinner last week and ordered: Get writing!

      Mary Louise

  22. Marie Kelly says:

    Dear Mary Louise,
    Just catching up on your website and looking at all your travels. i really enjoyed The Bullet. I
    thought Caroline’s actions were entirely in character. I liked the names of all the relatives showing up as the book progressed. I hope you are working on book #3. What will happen to Caroline? Will she be able to live with her guilty little secret?
    Hope you book tours take you to Texas soon.

  23. vaclav taborsky says:

    Just finished reading The Bullet. Excellent, fast moving and, above all,
    Vaclav Taborsky, Toronto

  24. Anastasia says:

    I’ve read both of your books–page turners and so hard to put down. Please, please tell me you are starting a third sometime soon?

    • Thank you! Hearing from readers that they couldn’t stop turning pages is one of the great joys of being a writer. So glad to hear I kept you entertained.

      I am turning over several ideas for another novel… Will post updates here on the website as I figure out which one to pursue!

      Warm wishes,
      Mary Louise

  25. Helen says:

    Just finished reading The Bullet, but it left me wanting more. What was Caroline’s decision? What happened with her and Will. Did enjoy it though.

    • Helen,

      It’s music to a writer’s ears to hear that I left you wanting more! I liked leaving something to the reader’s imagination. I know what **I** think Caroline will do… but as the reader, you now own her as much as I do. And you might have a different view. That said, it would be fun to write a sequel and explore what happens when she returns home, to her old life, to Will, etc. Although not quite sure what catastrophe I will have to dream up to match the craziness of discovering a bullet in her neck, for pure page-turning, dramatic impact!

      All best,
      Mary Louise

  26. Eileen Cover says:

    Mary Louise,
    I just finished reading “The Bullet”-wonderful,wonderful,wonderful”!
    Since I live south of Atlanta in Peachtree City,Ga.,I loved the city sites
    and events you wrote of. My next read will be “Anonymous Sources”.
    Many thanks for this book which will enrich my Summer reading!
    Eileen Cover

  27. Dell Veal says:

    Ms. Kelly – I just bought your book, THE BULLET, and started reading it today. I was reading along when I came to a part that really shocked me. It was about Eulalia Road in Buckhead!! My husband, Buzz Veal, is from Buckhead and grew up on Eulalia Road!!! I figure you have to be familiar with that area to come up with Eulalia Road!!!! My husband was born at St. Joseph’s Hospital and he and his older brother went to North Fulton High School. His brother, Monte Veal, went to school with a Kenny Kelly. Any relation to you? I have been on that street and you described it so perfectly!!! I am enjoying the book very much and look forward to finishing it……..soon!! I also plan to go back and get ANONYMOUS SOURCES now!!

    Best to you!
    Dell Veal

    • Hi Dell,

      I lived on Eulalia Road as a little girl, from about 1975-79. Many fond memories of learning to ride a bike on that street, running through sprinklers, neighborhood softball games and BBQs, etc. When was your husband there? I’m not related to a Kenny Kelly that I know of.

      Fingers crossed that you enjoy ANONYMOUS SOURCES too.

      Mary Louise

      • Dell Veal says:

        Thank you for your response! My husband, Buzz Veal, lived at 1036 Eulalia Road from 1942 through 1957…….way before you were there. His parents lived there until 1962 or so and then moved to Conifer Circle (kind of across Peachtree). They were charter members of Wieuca Road Baptist Church…..right there in that area. It was so exciting to see all those familiar places in your book!!! I told his brother about the book and his wife bought The Bullet for him for Father’s Day. Also, I just finished Anonymous Sources and loved it!!! Thank you for the hours of pleasure I got from reading your books!!!

        Awaiting your next book,

  28. Jim Peck says:

    Wonderful book, just couldn’t put it down. It did stretch credibility a tad that Caroline would go from an average law abiding citizen to confronting Ethan with a pistol. It was incredibly risky at best and the evidence against him looked damaging but certainly not air tight. I could envision some other scenarios that you hinted at that might have happened. That said, it unfolded wonderfully and had my attention from start to finish. You are a fantastic writer!
    Regards, Jim Peck

    • Jim,

      Many thanks for the kind words. Caroline’s “blossoming” felt true to me — but as her reader, you own her as much as I do now, so your critique is fair enough! If you haven’t yet checked out my first book, ANONYMOUS SOURCES, you may want to give it a look… A protagonist of an entirely different nature.

      All best,
      Mary Louise

  29. Anne Webb says:

    Thanks for a great read. The quality of writing, attention to detail, and character development put The Bullet in a class way above a page-turner mystery.

    • Anne,

      You are so kind to write and let me know. Thank you! I take a lot of time researching, interviewing people, and trying to nail the details. And the character development for The Bullet was fun. I spent nearly as much time on the secondary characters, trying to get them right, as I did on my protagonist, Caroline. Delighted to hear that you could tell, and that it was worth the effort!

      Best wishes,
      Mary Louise

  30. Betsy says:

    I just finished reading The Bullet. I couldn’t put it down once I started it. It is hands down on my top ten list of best reads. Can’t wait to read Anonymous Sources and look forward to your future books as well. I love coming across a wonderful new (to me) author. Thanks!

  31. Paula Therrien says:

    Just finished The Bullet. Read it in two days, loved it. Felt as if Caroline was speaking directly to me. Just put Anonymous Sources on hold. Going to tell our patrons about Ms. Kelly and the books.
    Paula Therrien, Jackson-George County Library System, MS

  32. Linda J. says:

    I just finished reading “The Bullet” !! Wonderful book!! It just sucked me right in from the very beginning! I love books that do that!! Wishing you a very long and prosperous life writing books!!

    • Linda,

      Completely agree — there is nothing like a book that sucks you in from the very first page. Delighted to hear that you enjoyed that experience with The Bullet. I am in Portland, OR on book tour as I write… doing a reading tomorrow night at the legendary Powell’s book store… And meanwhile having fun noodling over plot twists for the next book. Hope to have something for you before too long!

      Best regards,
      Mary Louise

  33. Kiwi J. says:

    Just finished reading “The Bullet”, it was a pleasure to read. Could not put it down!!! Will there be a sequel?

    • Thanks. Not planning a sequel — my next novel will likely be another stand-alone. But I am fond of giving cameos to characters from my previous novels. (If you haven’t yet read my first book, you may not have known that the reporter Alexandra James who shows up at Caroline’s door was the protagonist of ANONYMOUS SOURCES…) So, who knows? Caroline and/or some of the other characters from THE BULLET may well make a return appearance!

      Mary Louise

  34. Kat Dzuck says:

    Just finished reading “The Bullet”. What a great book. It kept me up all night…read it from start to finished.

    Such an unusual concept… I agree it would make such a wonderful movie.

    Please keep them coming.

    • Kat,

      Great to hear this! In this case, I am absolutely delighted to have kept someone awake all night. A&E has bought the screen rights to The Bullet, so fingers crossed that the movie version will be making its way soon to a screen near you…

      All best,
      Mary Louise

  35. Peter Vietze says:

    I just finished reading The Bullet. Read it in four days while working and traveling to Romania. I read Anonymous Sources after hearing acrerun of your interview with Bob Edwards. You made me want to read it. You grabbed me immediately in both books. I hadn’t reasfvsvbook for plkessure in a while. Awaiting the next one. Keep em coming.

    • Peter,

      Love this! It is great fun as an author to watch your books travel out into the world, and you might be the first reader to devour them in Romania. (German and Dutch versions will be published soon, but alas, no book deal yet from Bucharest!) I’m working on the next one. Updates to come…

      Best regards,
      Mary Louise

  36. Rae F. says:

    I just finished “The Bullet”. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed it. It is one of the best books that I have read in a while. I heard an interview on NPR about the book and couldn’t wait to get it. I’m looking forward to reading your other book but I’m waiting for it to dry out. I took it out to read in my hot tub. Need I say more. Thank you so much for a wonderful read.

    • Rae,

      This made me smile. Hope your copy of Anonymous Sources dries out soon so you can continue reading. And thank you for the kind words about The Bullet. A pleasure to know I helped contribute to a happy session of hot tubbing!

      Mary Louise

  37. Mary Lou Mank says:

    Dear Mary Louise… Tammy Wincup (my daughter) gave me a copy of your book “Anonymous Sources” which I loved !! And now, I have just finished “The Bullet.” Thank you so much for these wonderful novels, which brought me hours of pleasure and entertainment. I will wait patiently for your next book.
    Best of luck in your writing and my best wishes to you and your family.

    Mary Lou Mank

    • How fun to hear from a reader who has enjoyed my books, and a fellow Mary Lou(ise) at that! So glad they brought you pleasure. Your daughter is a dear friend and I like her even more now that I know she is busy handing out copies of my books! I’ll thank her for helping to spread the word — and I am grateful to YOU both for reading, and taking the time to write.
      Warm wishes,
      Mary Louise

  38. Jaqueline ;F. Miller says:

    It is so refreshing to see such a talented new writer. I am very discriminating about the authors I read. If the writer does not get my attention within the first chapter or so, forget it. Please write more books your writing is fascinating. And I am looking forward to more books. The Bullet is the first book I have read and am looking forward to Anomymous Sources. An excellent author is rare, you are one of them. Sincerely, J. F. Miller

    • What a simply lovely note to receive! It means a great deal to a writer, to hear that the work we’ve labored over has brought pleasure to a reader or touched them in some way. So glad to hear this was the case, and thank you for taking a moment to let me know.
      Warm regards,
      Mary Louise Kelly

  39. Steve Hann says:

    A boy’s mother always knows best, as my mom recomended this to me.Having been a columnist for Circus Magazine 72-74 (pre laptops and cells) one can only sympathize
    with Alexandra James in her search for the story. In YOUR search you more than succeed. A wonderful story that doesn’t stop pulling you along, intense and timely. I look forward to purchasing your others with great anticipation.

    • Steve,
      What a nice note to receive. Thank you. And please thank your mom for the recommendation! Mothers DO always know best, as I am extremely fond of telling my two boys.
      All best,
      Mary Louise

  40. Laura says:

    I too heard your interview with Bob Edwards. I enjoyed your reporting for NPR and didn’t know you were now authoring fiction! I finished ANONYMOUS SOURCES last night and THE BULLET is waiting for me at the book store! ANONYMOUS was terrific, with fast paced writing around fully developed characters and plot! Can’t wait to start THE BULLET! I hope to see more of Alex in future novels.


    • Laura,
      So appreciate this — thank you for taking the time to write, and for reading! The Bullet is quite different from Anonymous Sources. Still plenty of plot twists, but more of a psychological suspense novel. And another strong female protagonist. Looking forward to hearing what you think!
      Mary Louise

  41. Leslie Lindsay says:

    I listened to your interviews with Bob Edwards this morning, and have just ordered both of your books.

    I will confess that I’m curious to discover how Caroline Cashion managed for so long without a glimpse at her birth certificate…but I will not let that interfere with my enjoyment of her story!

    • Leslie,

      Thanks for the note!

      I suppose I think the birth certificate detail is plausible because I never saw my own birth certificate until I was in my 30s… My parents kept it in a file drawer or safe deposit box somewhere. Mine is in German (I was born near Munich), and I don’t think I’ve ever even gotten it translated. Once you’ve got your passport (and let’s say my protagonist’s parents organized that for her when she was a child, and once she had it, she could renew without showing a birth certificate again), what else do you need a birth certificate for?

      At any rate, if that’s the only detail that gives you pause, I’ll be a happy author! And thanks so much again, both for buying the books and for writing!

      All best,
      Mary Louise

  42. tom earls says:

    Ms Kelly, I heard your interview on NPR with Bob Edward . It was so refreshing to listen to someone so articulate and knowledgeable. I enjoyed hearing where you had been and what you found there and spoken so clearly without the “uhs” and “duhs” we are so used to hearing from our professional experts. I am not yet familiar with your novels but I will be.
    Thank you for your edifying conversation. You must endeavor to stay in the public eye.

    A grateful fan,
    Tom Earls
    Sturbridge, MA

    • Thank you for the kind words. It was a pleasure to get to speak at such length about the book with Bob Edwards. Glad you enjoyed the conversation, and do let me know what you think of the book!
      All best,
      Mary Louise

  43. Peg Alastra says:

    Hi Mary Louise,
    Have ordered “The Bullet”. Can’t wait to read it. I so enjoyed “Anonymous Sources” and plan to read it again while I’m waiting for #2. Great writing and so fun to have it all in the family!! Keep them coming!
    Love, Peg

    • Hi Peg,

      Lovely to hear from you. Not long to wait now – The Bullet will be published next week! I will be making a few West Coast stops on book tour this time, most likely in early May. I’ll keep updating the Events page on this website as the dates firm up. Looking forward to hitting your side of the country!

      All my best,
      Mary Louise

      • Peg Alastra says:

        Hi again,
        If you can’t work something out for Seattle, I’ll plan on seeing you in Oregon.
        Barnes & Noble has a store in downtown Seattle and one closer to the airport at Southcenter Mall, along with others around Puget Sound. See you soon. Travel safe!

  44. Katelyn O'Connor says:

    LOVE your writing, can’t wait to read more!!

    • Thanks Katelyn for writing! Delighted to hear that you liked ANONYMOUS SOURCES. My next book, THE BULLET, is out on March 17th. Would love to hear your thoughts on it.
      Best regards,
      Mary Louise

  45. Ed Sanders says:

    Just finished ‘anonymous sources’, what a great first novel – couldn’t put it down! I hope to see more of Alex James in the future, a terrific character. And I can’t wait to read ‘Bullet’.

    • Ed,
      Thank you SO much, both for reading and for writing me. Truly glad you enjoyed it. Alex James was such great fun to write. The Bullet is not a sequel, but you may be glad to learn that Alex does make a cameo appearance… It’s out next month (March 17th); please help me spread the word!
      All best wishes,
      Mary Louise

  46. Read the ARC of The Bullet over the weekend and loved it! Real characters that I could relate to and a unique situation! I’ve sent an email to your publicist asking if some signed copies would be available for my store – I want to hand sell this book because I know many of my customers would enjoy it just as I did.

    Will you be at Bouchercon in Long Beach this year? I will have a table in the book room; also I’m holding many signings at my store. If you are going to be there it would be great if you could drop by and sign books. Anne

    • Anne,

      So delighted to hear you enjoyed it! Yes, the characters were a hoot to write. I will follow up with my publicist to make sure we get you as many signed copies as you need. And I am planning to hit California on book tour this spring… Not sure yet exactly when/where, but let’s keep in touch. I’d love to swing by for a reading/signing!
      Best regards,
      Mary Louise

  47. Kaileigh R says:

    I recently came across “Anonymous Sources” at a playdate/ book swap my friends had organized. I absolutely LOVED it!!! I definitely struggled to put it down. I am anticipating the release of ” The Bullet”.

  48. Dick Allen says:

    Enjoyed Anonymous Sources, but your James’ sexual “adventures” turns her into a slut!!! Why do you, and other authors, think sexual activities add to the story; they DON’T.

    • Glad you enjoyed it. I agree with you that gratuitous sex doesn’t add to a book. But I’m not a prude, either — sex is part of life, why not write about it? Alex sleeps with just one man, and they’re both consenting, unmarried adults. I’m not sure that makes her a slut, but heck, I’ve been married to the same man for 17 years, so what do I know? Thanks for taking the time to write.

    • Dick Allen says:

      “Alex sleeps with just one man, and they’re both consenting, unmarried adults.”

      God considers fornication, an abomination to Him. [1 Corinthians 6:9-10]

      In “real” life, this unrepentant sin will result in eternal separation from God, i.e. Hell!!!

      Are “we” teaching readers there are no consequences for unrepentant sins??

  49. mike says:

    the book was a great story. when will bullet be out. mike

  50. Diana says:

    Mary, I’m reading your book “Anonymous Sources” and enjoying it thoroughly. I’ve been a journalist, so I’m connecting with your writing style in a big way. Your Alex is a fantastic character–very human.
    I look forward to your next book.

  51. Maureen says:

    Awesome read. I cannot wait for your next book.

  52. Victoria says:

    Hello! I just had to write to tell you how much I loved Anonymous Sources. it was fantastic and so nice to read a novel where the reporter is not described as some sort of retched creature that just crawled out from underneath a rock! I was newspaper journalist for more than 10 years and I just loved Alex James. I completely identified her and her thoughts on journalism, newspapers, editors, etc….I just thoroughly enjoyed it and couldn’t put it down. Thank you so much. I greatly anticipate your next novel!!

  53. Fabienne says:

    Congratulations on a fantastic first novel, and to NPR for its initial review. It took my local library quite some time to locate a copy, which came to me from 3 states away, but what a delight to read! Thank you for time well spent! I will be looking forward to your next book.

  54. Linda Theadore says:

    Alexandra James was a delightful character and kept this story alive. Her dazzling red hair and trim legs were perfect for her passion for Italian shoes. She followed leads and as this plot unfolds it was hard to put down. Anxious for your next thriller. Thank you Mary Louise Kelly

    • Linda,
      I love hearing from people who love Alex James. As you may have read in the acknowledgements, she is named for my sons, and thus she holds a special place in my heart.
      You will not have to wait too terribly long for my next thriller… It will be out in early 2015. Tentative title: BULLET. It is not a sequel, but Alex James does make a very amusing appearance!
      Sincere thanks for taking the time to write.
      Best regards,
      Mary Louise Kelly

    • Mary Louise Kelly says:

      Following up to let you know that… drum roll, please!… we have a pub date for my second book, THE BULLET. It’s out on March 17th. It should be in your local bookstore then, or you can pre-order here:
      Thanks again both for reading, and for taking the time to write.
      And happy New Year!
      Best wishes,
      Mary Louise

  55. Christina says:

    Excellent book!!! I just googled you to see if you have written anymore. Can’t wait for your next one!! This book kept me interested all the way to the last page! Great job!! Especially for a first book!!!!

  56. Stephanie says:

    Hi Ms. Kelly – I LOVED the book. I hope there will be a sequel. It will be my selection for November’s book club.

    • Hi Stephanie — Thanks so much for writing! I’m delighted to hear your Book Club may read ANONYMOUS SOURCES in November. Would love to hear what they think. And yes, I think there will be a sequel. I’m in the middle of writing my next book right now — not a sequel, but another thriller with a strong female protagonist — I think you will like it. After that, I would like to return to the adventures of Alex James and Lucien Sly, and see what they get up to next!

    • Mary Louise Kelly says:

      Following up to let you know that… drum roll, please!… we have a pub date for my second book, THE BULLET. It’s out on March 17th. It should be in your local bookstore then, or you can pre-order here:
      Thanks again both for reading, and for taking the time to write.
      And happy New Year!
      Best wishes,
      Mary Louise

  57. Leighlee says:

    Hi Ms. Kelly. I first heard about the book on NPR when you were discussing it with either Diane Rehm or on Fresh Air – can’t remember now. I was intrigued enough to jot title and author for a future trip to book store. I just completed it last night and I LOVED IT! I really liked Alexandra and look forward to her next adventure working in Washington. There HAS to be another book!

  58. Joe Aguirre says:

    Dear Mary, although you do not know me, (you do know a dear member of my family), I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your book, for its content obviously, and the personal touch from you.

    It is a great book and the sad part of it is that it could happen in our country, (by the way, not many people realize that bananas are radioactive).

    Once again, thank you, and keep writing.

  59. Mary Vanderkam says:

    Mary Louise, I just spent a great summer Saturday reading Anonymous Sources. What fun! Jim and I remember you as the little girl living across the street in student housing at Holden Green–your first experience at Harvard when your dad was in law school. Please greet your mom and dad for us. Those were good days.

  60. Peg Alastra says:

    Hi Mary Louise,
    Got the card about your book release from your Folks, and am so thrilled for you.
    Just ordered my copy and can’t wait to read it. Wishing you and your family all the best.
    Peg Alastra

  61. klaus well says:

    A really great thriller. With interesting characters and lots of suspense. I am looking forward to your next one. By the way I noticed that book during your recent interview with Diane Rehm. That inspired me to buy the book the same evening. Klaus Well, Germany.

  62. Betty N. says:

    Anonymous Sources is a brilliant, entertaining book. I couldn’t put it down and hated to finish it. Waiting anxiously for your next publication. Thanks for such a fun reading experience.

  63. Mary Louise, I remember you when you were knee high to a spy and now you’re writing about them. I posted a review on Amazon and Goodreads with 5 stars. A great book, with opportunities to write many more.

    Duoc (my wife) and I have tickets for your talk in Atlanta on July 11. We look forward to seeing your mom and dad as well as you and your family.

    • Did I say 11th. I meant 10th of July

    • Harry —
      It has been a million years; so nice to hear from you! You are kind to take the time to read and review the book. It has been a great adventure writing and publishing a first novel. So far, so good — Simon & Schuster just told me they’ve ordered up a second print run!
      I will look forward to seeing you and Duoc in Atlanta on July 10th — and will tell Mom & Dad you plan to be there.
      Warm regards,
      Mary Louise

      • Mary Louise, you did a fantastic job last night at the Atlanta History Center’s Margret Mitchell House. I loved your comments about the writing process and marketing your work. The process answers were exactly what I went through, as well, for my first (and only so far) novel. It is hard work, but very enjoyable. I self published (Ebook in March and paperback in June) and I have been working social media and other marketing avenues since. It is hard to do. Of course my book doesn’t hold a candle to yours and I did not have high expectations.

        Anyway, I am sorry we missed you. You were so busy signing books we couldn’t ( a good thing) get near. We did see your Mom, Dad and CJ and that was nice.

        Loved the book, loved the speech and I am expecting big things from this book and many more after.


        • Harry,

          I had no idea you’d written a novel! How fantastic! I’ve just looked up Mercy Row and ordered the paperback. Looking forward to checking it out.

          I spotted you in the crowd last night and am sorry we missed each other afterwards. Thank you very much for coming. It meant the world to my family, and to me, to spot so many friends in the audience!

          Mary Louise

          • I have to warn you about Mercy Row. There is much, shall we say, crude language in the book. It is a short read of 150 pages. As a reporter I am sure you have heard just about anything I have in the book. 🙂 I wish I had started at your age. I might now be half as good as you are. Keep up the work.

  64. Janine R says:

    Enjoyed the book! Would look forward to a movie as well.

  65. Mary L Shipley says:

    Really enjoyed this book. I can’t remember when I hated to have to put a book down and was anxious to picking it back up. Your interview on NPR had me looking for the book as soon as it was released and it was well worth it. It has an authentic, scary sense of reality. When is the next one?

  66. Gail C says:

    I heard your interview on NPR. Great press for your book and sold me to where I
    was checking daily to download it and am excited that it was available today. Wish I could play hooky from work today and start your book!
    Good luck.

  67. Merci à Carole qui m’a envoyé les références de ton livre, Mary Louise, j’ai hâte de le trouver en librairie en France (traduit, bien sûre!) J’ai lu ton parcours professionnel avec grand intérêt et je reconnait bien, dans ta décision de changer de vie, la philosophie de ta famille pour laquelle j’ai toujours eu beaucoup d’admiration et un amical souvenir.
    Rémy m’a demandé tes coordonnées.
    Au nom de tous, à La Vessoye, je t’adresse notre sincère amitié

    • Oh là là, ça fait si longtemps depuis que nous avons été en contact! Quelle belle surprise de vous entendre. Je ne savais pas que ma mère avait écrit. Je pense à vous tous souvent, et j’ai dit à mes fils tout sur La Vessoye, et ma merveilleuse famille en France. Et oui – je vous le ferai savoir dès que l’édition française de ANONYMOUS SOURCES apparaît! Vous allez obtenir la première copie!
      Je vous embrasse – toute la famille — bien affectueusement,
      Mary Louise

      • Merci Mary Louise pour ta chaleureuse réponse, la nouvelle a fait le tour de la famille qui se réjouit pour toi et ta famille pour la réussite qui ne manquera pas d’arriver!
        Je t’embrasse ainsi que toute ta merveilleuse famille

  68. Cornelia Bird says:

    Mary Louise,
    I think you are the best kept secret in Buckhead! I know your Mama from St Phllip’s and want to hear all about your fascinating life and read your book. I am getting it for my Kindle.
    See you at the Margaret Mitchell House on July 10th.
    Waiting on Pins and Needles,
    Cornelia Bird

  69. Laura Blanchard says:

    Mary Louise,
    Congrats on the upcoming release of Anonymous Sources. I am looking forward to attending a book signing event and then getting the chance to read it.

    Warm regards,

  70. Hi Mary Louise,

    I was sent an invitation to apply for a copy of this book, by NetGalley and as a relatively new subscriber, I was delighted to be accepted.

    ‘Anonymous Sources’ sounds like a great premise for a debut novel and I love the website.

    You also have a great name by the way, my two favourite nieces are called Kelly and Louise!

    It is so unusual for an American to have the name Louise, rather than Lois, we have visited as a family several times and no-one can ever really pronounce Louise correctly.

    I would like to wish you every success with the book and my promotional posts will begin shortly.


  71. Dot Boyle says:

    I’ve heard several agents are covertly trying to get the movie rights for this book.

  72. Will Lovell says:

    I heard from anonymous sources that this book is great. Can’t wait to read it in June!

  73. Steve B says:

    Great looking site!

    • Gene Youtz says:

      I have a question regarding a Soviet gentleman named Valerie Youriev who I met 55 yeas ago in Washington DC. I have been trying to find out his bio and have come up short. If you have any suggestions as to where I might check him out, could you please contact me. I have articles which tell more of the story if that would help. Looking forward to hearing from you, Sincerely, Gene youtz

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